The divine decree “let there be light” is extremely precise it contains a vast amount of information that programmes the world to appear. So it makes sense why we are extremely susceptible to words, whatever we are being told programs us to imagine that to become manifest 
Just like computer code generates what we see on a screen, your desire works to generate things that appear to you in the manifest world. The desire aligned, which then have an outcome, can be used to leverage success but you have let your enemies control who you are instead.
This package offer you protection from spoken judgments and negative words / imagery that are directed against you, these will have an effect on the blessing surrounding you and can work to harm you. The words and actions of any of these bad people around you can prevent you from living your and creating a better positive environment.
Many of us feel reactive, too vulnerable, or blocked to truly be and do what we want. In this package, you’ll learn how to re-align your desire so you can harness it's metaphysical power to help you stop and defeat evil against you. You'll see how your true desire manifest in the way the world appears to you in synchronities and new opportunities.

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